Vision & Values

Our vision is for the upliftment of humanity. We envision a society in which humanity can act consciously rather than being directed by habitual thinking and emotions. A world in which every person can intentionally employ consciousness in a useful way. This ability can transform the world into the peaceful and sustainable environment that we all seek.


Rebirth is the goal. Becoming liberated. Liberation.


A peaceful environment. Life happening in a constant state of flow.


Simplicity flows from the essence of one’s consciousness. Everyone has experienced that the simplest things are sometimes quite complicated. To become simple, useful explanations and principles, complexity requires absorption, digestion, and understanding.

Kindness fosters a good and warm feeling between you and others. Even small, unnoticed gestures can show kindness.

We experience transformation by applying practical knowledge in a tangible way. The highest goal in life is acquiring and applying practical knowledge. This way, you attain wisdom and transformation resulting in changes seen by others and yourself.

Change is difficult without true understanding; you either succeed or fail, seemingly by chance. This teaching is transformational because it is grounded in reality.

You only have the ability to change yourself. The chronic urge to change other brings negative results. You influence others, but the decision to change is ultimately their own. Understand and respect the pace and development of peoples’ changes. There’s no need to compare, evaluate, or assess them. Patiently encourage and support those on the path as you can, and also do this for yourself.